How Officevibe continues to transform us from within

Evolution accelerates when an organism is under intense pressure. For GSoft, that pressure was rapid growth. Its evolution: creating Officevibe.

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Officevibe, a product by GSoft

GSoft is a BCorp that crafts simple software to improve the way we work. With a successful first platform under our belt, GSoft grew – a lot. That growth worried us, because in spite of our desire to do things differently, we’d become dull and monotone – characteristics we needed to avoid in order to keep innovating.

So, we bet on our culture to change things. In the early days, that translated a little naively to creating apps based on having fun at work. These iterations, though exciting, failed. But what they did was help us to discover engagement is less about having fun, and more about making sure people felt heard.

At the time, the market for engagement solutions was nearly non-existent – so we jumped in. We reflected relentlessly on organizational practices and the role of people in the workplace, and Officevibe was born.

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Countering growing pains

As a software company, we had the luxury of building and testing versions of Officevibe internally. We looked at how we could measure and adapt to our people’s engagement in real time so that our performance culture stayed sharp, even as recruitment skyrocketed. Even though we were growing exponentially, that growth was sustainable thanks to the thriving culture Officevibe assured. With staggering internal success, the next step was obvious – help other companies achieve the same results.

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Keeping the magic alive

Seemingly overnight, GSoft had mushroomed and our culture needed maintenance if we wanted to keep booming. Using Officevibe, we pinpointed what had made our start-up so successful so we could continue generating that magic. Our leaders used it to see where they could improve, but also what made our culture so strong. By walking the talk, they went beyond performance, and connected with their people on a deeper level.

Becoming remote-first

Like so many others, we now find ourselves thrust into a remote-first, digital-first workplace – and needing Officevibe more than ever. All these years later, we’re grateful for our growing pains. They led us to invest wholly in our culture, and to think deeply on the world of work – so when we ask ourselves why we’re a better fit for building and distributing a product like Officevibe than any other software company, we know the answer.

Craft, to us, is greater than competition. We’re self-funded, sustainable, and so in love with what we do. We’re not here to sell our product for quick profit, but to keep moving the needle for workforces everywhere. We’re here to stay. Officevibe has grown with us, and we hope it’ll grow with you too, so that we can build and empower a better future of work, together.

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