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Imagine a world where everyone can be themselves at work. Officevibe equips leaders with the tools they need to bring out the best in their teams. And we do it in a kinder, simpler, faster, and more human way.

Team celebrating together, sharing Good Vibes and seeing an improvement in their Officevibe scores.

We help businesses grow every day.

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We help them get ready for 1-on-1 meetings, set goals with their teams, do quick and easy follow-ups, and give kudos. All while measuring employee engagement over time.

50 million

questions answered in 2022

Our questions are science-backed. We partner with neuroscientists who help us define the best ways to build relationships and discuss work. Deloitte’s human capital experts test the scientific validity of our survey model.


customers (and counting)

From Montreal to the world. We’re improving the work lives of HR leaders and managers in small and medium-sized businesses. In 72 countries, across 20 different industries.

Our founders and the GSoft products, ShareGate, Officevibe and Softstart.


Officevibe, a product by GSoft

Back in 2013, our parent company GSoft was growing fast. That was great. But as our team skyrocketed, our culture took a hit. We couldn’t find a solution, so we made one.

We reflected on the role of people, behaviors, and practices in the workplace. We wanted a new way to engage, recognize, align, and enable world-class leaders and teams. A platform that was fresh, and super easy to use. Officevibe was born.

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We feel it. We’re all in.
We are who we are.

We understand the problems managers and teams face because we’ve been there. And we’ve learned what to do to solve them.

We’re committed to—and stubborn about—changing lives at work with the right tools and resources to make it happen.

We help like-minded organizations with our knowledge and experience. And we bring our full selves to work—skip the suits and hype, bring on humility and fun.

Manager and employee navigating a 1-on-1 about managing stress and improving their relationship score.
GSoft employees woking and lounging in the beautiful Montreal office.

Now hiring great people like you

Help us make work simpler, kinder, and faster—in our Montreal office or remotely across Canada. Whatever works best for you.

We’re all about good people trying to make better things for everyone. We’re devoted to crafting simple, seamless software and creating great working relationships. If this sounds like you, we’d love you to join us.

GSoft’s products are trusted by world-class companies

All the GSoft products, Sharegate, Officevibe, Softstart and the newest member of the GSoft family, Didacte.