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5 tips for manager with remote teams

While remote work might work, the monotony of being home (and for some, home alone) can quickly become emotionally taxing.

Managing emotions in the workplace guide

Can you remember a time when you received some feedback you didn’t like and immediately got into defense mode?

Employee recognition guide

Managers have many tasks, but one that sometimes gets sidelined is giving meaningful, effective employee recognition and frequent positive feedback.

What makes a great leader?

We know you’re super busy. So we made this complete leadership guide to give you a hand.

Effective communication guide for managers

Structure impactful key messages and develop helpful best practices to establish yourself as a leader.

Guide to manage your emotions at work

5 of the most emotion-triggering workplace situations for managers with get expert tips to manage them like a pro.

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Setting meaningful goals that stick

Use this goal-setting framework collaboratively with your employees to set effective performance and development goals.

Emotional intelligence guide and practice exercises

To build successful relationships, manage conflict and communicate effectively with your team, develop your Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

New manager checklist: the first 30 days

We nail down what to cover in the first 30 days of your role in a comprehensive checklist.

The complete guide for new managers

Learn what it really means to be a manager, and how to succeed right out of the gate.

Team collaboration guide and meeting framework

Use this guide to help your team get to know one another, build trust-based team dynamics, and create people-first collaboration…

Remote work collaboration guide

Get your team on the same page and collaborate even from afar with our complete guide to remote collaboration.

The before, during and after guide for the perfect 1-on-1

Align on goals, exchange feedback, and build trust-based relationships with your employees using this guide.

Better feedback framework for managers and teams

Use this feedback guide and framework with your team. Practice together to build a culture of respectful, candid feedback!  

Give better feedback in 2 weeks with our email course

You’ll get our best resources on how to collect, give, and react to employee feedback.

Be a better leader in 11 days with our email course

In 11 short, daily emails, you’ll learn how to become a better leader. You’ll receive a ton of resources and…

Emotional intelligence email course for leaders

Develop the essential modern leadership skill-set in 5 helpful lessons!

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