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Quick, automated weekly surveys
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1-on-1s with clear next steps
Individual & team goals
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'Understand your team' feature

Understand your team

Basic Premium
Automated Pulse Surveys Included Included
120 alternating questions verified by Deloitte Included Included
Anonymous Feedback Included Included
Guidance for answering feedback Included Included
Manager-Employee conversation platform Included Included
Ask your own questions with Custom Polls Included Included
Basic Survey Reports Included Included
Slack, Teams, email, SMS, HRIS, SSO & api integrations Included Included
Advanced Reporting Not included Included
Detailed Survey Question Report Not included Included
Unlimited Survey Report History Not included Included
Unlimited Feedback & Conversation History Not included Included
Run multiple Custom Polls Not included Included
Segment scores & feedback by team, department, project & demographics Not included Included
Compare scores between teams, departments, projects & demographics Not included Included
'Get even closer to your team' feature

Get even closer to your team - More premium features

Basic Premium
Multiple teams Not included Included
Multiple admin levels Not included Included
Compare results across your industry Not included Included
Unlimited eNPS History Not included Included
Run simultaneous Custom Polls Not included Included
Export Survey Reports Not included Included
Premium onboarding & customer support (100+ employees) Not included Included
'Have better 1-on-1s' feature

Have better 1-on-1s

Basic Premium
Quick prep & automated scheduling Included Included
1-on-1 agendas shared by managers & team members Included Included
Talking points added by managers & team members Included Included
Action Items for easy follow-up Included Included
Centralized 1-on-1 notes for quick review Included Included
Suggested 1-on-1 questions to ask Included Included
Pre-made 1-on-1 agenda templates Included Included
'Support team member growth' feature

Support team member growth

Basic Premium
Individual Team Member Goals Included Included
Team Goals Included Included
Manager Learning Centre Included Included
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โ€œThe anonymous feedback is where the real value lies for my team. The truth is, some people just donโ€™t want to come directly to you to chat about a certain topic, and thatโ€™s fine.โ€

Mario Stojanovski, Customer Support Manager

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