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Officevibe manager with positive metrics

How our team leader stack works

Become a high-performing manager and team with a suite of tools to help you understand your team’s needs, have conversations that wouldn’t happen otherwise, and take action to make your team stronger.

Understand your team

Pulse Surveys & Anonymous Feedback

Put together employee surveys in a snap with customizable templates and get honest, fully anonymous feedback from your team.

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Master 1-on-1s

Quickly prep one-on-ones & set goals

Build one-on-one agendas with your team members in-app, set action items and track progress easily.

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Photo of Kathryn Kellam, VP Sales and Marketing at MMC

“Sharing the survey results with the team, on top of building them in to how we work together, has significantly improved overall satisfaction.”

Kathryn Kellam, VP Sales and Marketing
Photo of Tony Ticknor, Director of Technology at Irish Titan

“I do take some notes, but I’m doing less of that now that we’re using Officevibe’s 1-on-1 features. The information is already in there. There’s always a history to go back to if I’m wondering what we talked about.”

Tony Ticknor, Director of Technology
Photo of a laptop on a table.

“The anonymous feedback is where the real value lies for my team. The truth is, some people just don’t want to come directly to you to chat about a certain topic, and that’s fine.”

Mario Stojanovski, Customer Support Manager
Photo of Eve Zaidan, Team member at WiseSync

“When I saw the first Officevibe email, it was like a breath of fresh air. It was when it occurred to me that my company actually cares about culture and has taken the initiative to find out how their people really feel.”

Eve Zaidan, Team member
Photo of Lindsey O’Sullivan, Director of People Operations at Nautilus Labs

“It was not surprising, but clearer, how much stress the team was feeling. Officevibe allowed us to dig in on what was driving it, like work-life balance. It allowed us to circle through our teams and ask how we could help.”

Lindsey O’Sullivan, Director of People Operations

Integrates right into your flow of work

Whether you’re on Slack, Teams, O365, Google – or by email or text – Officevibe works where your team does, so they don’t have to download or login to anything new.

An illustration showing a team collaborating thanks to Officevibe's integrations.
A team having a informal meeting
Make space for real talk

Get up and running in minutes. Your team will thank you.

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