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1-on-1 meeting - Your first 1-on-1 with Officevibe

Start your first one-on-one right in Officevibe with this template.

Get your first one-on-one right with this template

Your first one-on-one in Officevibe will set the tone for your relationship with a team member – and that’s why you need to get it right. When you are using Officevibe, there are many tools at your disposal to engage your team. However, it’s important to talk to your team about these and understand what their expectations are.

We created a template to discuss how you’ll use Officevibe and get your team’s perspective. The information you gather from these conversations will help you understand how you can use Officevibe in the future. And like many of our templates, it includes tips from our management experts! In the private notes, you’ll find quick tips about each talking point so that your conversation is productive and meaningful.

Meet Officevibe’s performance tools

Officevibe’s performance management tools help managers tackle the right challenges and build their team’s strengths.

Take a look at these Officevibe tools:

  • One-on-ones: Set a shared agenda with your team members and come prepared with the right talking points.

  • Individuals goals: Set development and performance goals for each team member based on the SMART method and track their progress.

  • Team goals: Foster alignment within the team by making team goals visible to all team members

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