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Year-end retrospective one-on-one meeting

Give the year a special goodbye with end-of-year retrospective questions.

How to run an end-of-year retrospective with your team members

The end of the year is a perfect time to pause, reflect, and acknowledge the progress, accomplishments, and learnings that have taken place over the past year. Looking forward to the year ahead and identifying how you can support your team member in their development will have a positive impact on their engagement and boost their motivation as they come back from their holiday break!

This special one-on-one meeting is all about setting the tone for your working relationship as it is identifying areas of improvement and growth for next year! We’ve prepared a perfect way to wrap up the year with this special one-on-one template.

Retrospective meeting template

Providing a space where everyone feels safe to discuss and share their opinions is crucial, even more in a remote working environment.

With our one-on-one meeting retrospective meeting template, you will uncover amazing insights on your employee’s experience in the team over the last year, and you’ll be guided to:

  • Recognize your employees for their hard work, efforts, and positive behaviors.

  • Uncover how your team members want to grow in the next year.

  • Tap into how you can improve your relationship with each employee.

  • Set the stage for an exciting year ahead.

The impact of retrospectives

Relationships built on a foundation of trust and transparency lead to better engagement and higher performance. One-on-one chats such as this one can have many positive impacts on the relationship you have with your employees and benefits the team as a whole:

  • Contributes to creating a safe space.

  • Improved team productivity and better velocity.

  • Higher collaboration, communication, trust, and team spirit.

  • Develops a growth mindset among the team.

  • Stronger ability to manage team conflicts.

  • Stronger and more resilient team relationships.

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