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1-on-1 meeting - The goal-setter

Set individual goals in collaboration with your team members and see them grow in their role.

How to set personal development goals

Every manager knows individual development goals are part of the formula for success. High-performing team members have one thing in common – they always try to strengthen their skills and contribute to the team. To establish these goals, there is one method that is above the others. The SMART method is a goal-setting framework that helps both managers and team members set concrete and actionable goals. Officevibe uses this method for our individual goals feature. Each team member can draft a goal and list what makes it specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.

Individual goal-setting questions

Before writing out an individual goal, both the manager and employee need to align on what it will be. Our individual goal-setting template will help you with this! Here you’ll find questions to guide a conversation that will get every employee thinking about a goal they want to achieve. The objective is not to give them a goal but rather to facilitate a brainstorm around goals, whether they are about soft or hard skills.

The talking points from this template include expert tips on how to lead the discussion. Just open the private notes to see the tips! It’s extra guidance that will help you prepare in advance for this conversation.

When to use this template

Goals are important in every scenario. However, there are times where they might give a team member a boost. Working on personal growth can drive engagement up and encourage unmotivated employees!

Here are some perfect situations to use this template:

  • A team member seems unhappy with their role – they are either a bit bored or don’t find the work engaging.

  • A team member is interested in an area outside of their regular responsibilities.

  • There is a new team goal, and you want everyone to find ways to contribute.

  • People are struggling with their soft skills such as collaboration, communication, and feedback.

  • You see a lack of skills within your team and strongly believe they can take new challenges to grow!

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