One-on-Ones Templates

1-on-1 meeting - The classic (short version)

Check in with your team member during your bi-weekly one-on-one.

The benefits of bi-weekly one-on-ones

One-on-one meetings have always been a pillar of good management. They are a moment to meet with each person on the team and have meaningful conversations. Without one-on-ones, it becomes challenging to touch base on their work, engagement, and professional development.

As a manager, it’s important to maintain the long-time practice of one-on-ones. Meeting with your employees shouldn’t be something you do every once in a while. It needs to be constant for these meetings to have a real positive impact. One great way to make sure you meet with every employee is to schedule in advance bi-weekly meetings.

These are the benefits of bi-weekly one-on-ones:

  • They build stronger relationships with each employee over time.

  • They give you a chance to give and receive feedback.

  • They are an opportunity to check in on their work and prevent blockers.

  • They give you more insight into each person’s personality – their unique strengths and opportunities for development.

A template for your bi-weekly one-on-one

When you meet often, it may be challenging to know what to discuss during the one-on-one. However, the great thing about bi-weekly one-on-ones is how a few questions can drive great conversations. We’ve compiled these questions and created a template with talking points to bring up during your meeting. It was crafted to check in on how they are feeling and ask about their progress on current goals.

This template also includes a set of expert tips! When you open a private note, you’ll see tips from us on how to approach the conversation and what to do at that moment. We hope it helps you strengthen your relationship with your team members!

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