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1-on-1 meeting - The classic (long version)

Bring up the right topics during your monthly one-on-one.

What are the benefits of monthly one-on-ones?

Meeting every month with each employee is a good practice that managers always swear by. They are a tool for both performance and relationship-building. During a one-on-one, you can take a step back from the larger picture and focus only on one person and their needs. Check in on how they are feeling, spot blockers before they happen, and start to have the right conversations that build trust.

Monthly one-on-ones are also a great moment to look back at what has happened in the last few weeks! If you wait until the year-end review to meet, you won’t see how each person has evolved over time and what triggers that growth. Make sure to book that monthly meeting ahead of time and make it recurring in your calendar, so it takes the planning part off your mind!

When you have monthly one-on-ones, you’ll see these benefits:

  • Stronger relationships with each team member.

  • More opportunities to give feedback and recognition.

  • Regular check-ins on professional development goals.

  • A better understanding of each person’s strengths, blockers, and professional aspirations.

A template for your monthly one-on-one

Weโ€™ve drawn from our own experience with one-on-ones to craft this template specifically for monthly meetings. With this template, you can cover the right topics, follow up on any goals, and make sure you are aligned on what you got out of the conversation. You can also add your own talking points on topics from previous months if you’d like! That way, you can keep the conversation going on important issues.

This template also includes guidance on how to approach each topic. When you open the template, click on the private notes to see the tips under each talking point. We’re here to help you have a productive conversation!

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