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One-on-Ones Templates

1-on-1 meeting - The career development talk

Help your team members grow with a career development discussion.

How do you prepare for a career development meeting?

Career development is a great topic for one-on-one conversations. It’s a chance for managers to be coaches and make sure there is always room for personal growth!

You can prepare for a career development meeting by ensuring you have the right set of questions to guide the conversation. Remember, it’s not your job to tell your team members what to aspire to for their career. Instead, you are there to guide a conversation and lead them to create a concrete goal towards achieving their aspirations. Our career development template can help you with that! The questions in this template will help your employees think about their long-term vision, skills, and future in your organization. And to top it off, we’ve included tips from our management experts within the template on how to approach the conversation!

When to have a career development discussion

Personal growth is important at every moment, but career development is more about the long-term plan and future aspirations. Even if you focus on shorter development goals, it’s always good to include this conversation in your one-on-ones to make sure engagement is optimal at all times.

Use this template when you spot these signs:

  • Employees feel stuck or trapped in their roles.

  • People are starting to leave for other organizations where they can have senior positions or more responsibilities.

  • Your team seems to be in need of a little push to learn new skills.

  • Your organization is growing, and there will soon be senior positions your team members can apply for.

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