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Team spirit assessment meeting

Get insights about your team's dynamics to make sure team spirit is always at its best.

Assess your team’s dynamics and engagement

Team dynamics is the “chemistry” between peers. Teams with a positive dynamic are more intentional, informed, and harmonious in the way they work together. To build a collaborative andย high-performing dream team, every manager needs to dedicate time to shape a positive team dynamic. Your team’s hard skills alone don’t guarantee success. But you’ll see that a good dynamic between peers will make sure that their skills are put to the best use.

Transforming team dynamics can take time. You have to understand the unique personalities that make up your team and see how they fit together. To help you out, we’ve created a one-on-one meeting template! It includes questions that will get everyone’s perspectives on the current team dynamic and what would make it ideal.

When to use this meeting template

It’s always good to monitor how relationships between peers are going. It will help you detect when the dynamic needs improvements or changes. However, the best time to assess a team’s dynamic is when you start a new role!

This template is useful in these scenarios:

  • You’re restructuring the team (new people, new roles, or a combination of the previous!).

  • You’re a manager to a newly-formed team.

  • You’re a new manager to an existing team, and you want to revisit team collaboration principles.

Additional resources

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