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Send questions to your team to assess the team's dynamics and make engagement stronger.

Keep team spirit high with these team assessment questions

Team dynamics is a key component in high-performing teams. When your team leans toward a positive dynamic, the relationships between people enable better collaboration and communication. One of the responsibilities of a manager is to ensure that this dynamic stays on track. How the team works together is a better indicator of success than hard skills alone.

Poll questions are a great way to check the team’s dynamics. We’ve compiled a set of questions to create a template that will help you out on this task! Use the template to gather anonymous or non-anonymous feedback from your whole team and get a broad picture of how everyone is feeling. This information will help you create an action plan. After all, getting context on the situation is always the first step to improving!

When to assess your team’s dynamics

Relationships between peers need constant monitoring. It’s a useful practice, and especially when you are just starting out! It will help you assess the current situation and detect a shift in the team’s dynamic quickly.

This template is perfect for these scenarios:

  • You’re a manager in charge of restructuring a team.

  • You just started as a manager in a newly-formed team.

  • You want to check the team’s dynamic as a new manager to an existing team.

  • Itโ€™s been a while since you did a team retrospective and you want to kick one off the right way.

Additional resources

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