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Team recognition ideas

Generate recognition within your team by starting a recognition wave!

Why employee recognition is important

Everyone wants to feel appreciated at work. Knowing how to acknowledge your employees’ efforts is no small task. Recognition coming from peers you work with every day is incredibly valuable in strengthening relationships and motivation.

What if you involve the whole team in the process by kick-starting a recognition wave? For that, we’ve built a super fun Custom Poll template that will allow you to prompt your team to give recognition to their peers. They’ll be asked who they want to recognize, what the person did, and how their behavior or actions had a positive impact on the team.

When to use this unique template

Use this template when you want to start a weekly or monthly round of recognition between teammates. Once you’ve sent out your poll and gathered answers from your team, share the outcome in your next team meetings! You’ll see nothing but smiles all around!

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