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Team performance goals template

Drive greater accountability by setting clear team goals in collaboration with your team members.

Set team performance expectations the right way

A Gallup study highlights a surprising discovery: only half of employees understand what their work expectations are. Often, unclear goals and expectations can lead to stress, performance issues, and confusion within teams. On the other hand, teams with clear direction are more engaged, motivated, and united around a shared goal. That’s why communicating what is expected is a key to good team management.

How to set team goals effectively

With our team performance goals questions and Poll template, setting team goals will be simpler than ever. Our questions will help you gather your team members’ visions on how the team can contribute to business goals and KPIs. Use the insights you gather from these templates to have a conversation with your team and determine team performance goals together. This way, every team member will feel involved, committed, and clear on the goals the team needs to achieve. Then, they can plan the work and determine how they’ll collaborate to reach these goals.

Once you’re done setting your team goals, remember to document them! This is a tool to make sure everyone is on the same page and aligned. Officevibe’s goal-setting features are perfect for that!

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