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Team communication survey questions

Work through your team's communication issues with these poll questions.


Address communication problems in your team

Good communication is what drives teams forward. It can make a difference in all kinds of situations like managing conflict, setting goals, and working with colleagues. However, communication problems can arise from time to time, resulting in lower collaboration and productivity. So, when you notice that communication is not at its best in your team, take the time to address it quickly. Good communication should be at the top of every manager’s list!

To address communication problems, start by reaching out to your team. Communication itself is key to solving the issue. Use our template for poll questions to ask your team their communication preferences and how they feel about the current state of the team’s communication. The answers you gather will give you a full picture of what can improve! When you come up with the action plan, try to involve your team for everyone to be aligned and have a voice.

Examples of communication issues

Send these Custom Poll questions when you face a communication issue. Some examples that are common in teams are:

  • People don’t share their thoughts or opinions during meetings or through other channels.

  • There are interruptions during meetings, or it seems like people don’t pay attention to each other.

  • Lack of visibility on what’s happening with the team.

  • Poor written communication between peers.

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