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Keep your team connected and performing at its best, even when working far apart.

How remote work affects management

Remote work is new for many managers. Before switching to the online world, people connected in the same physical space. Now, managers need to take a more active role in supporting employees from a distance. The team’s success depends on how engaged your employees are. With low engagement, collaboration and communication can take a hit, or quality work might not stay at the same level. That’s why during these times, managers need to be more intentional in keeping up good team morale.

Essential remote work survey questions

During these times, you don’t have the luxury to ask your team members face-to-face how they are doing or spot any signs that remote work is taking a toll on your team. That’s why we’ve created a Custom Poll template with questions for remote employees! You’ll find questions about work-life balance, clear expectations, resources, and more.

This questions template will help you keep your finger on your team in a remote work context. Here are some perfect occasions to use it:

  • Your organization just moved to a remote-by-default workplace or has been working remotely for the past year.

  • You noticed quality work has been suffering since you went remote.

  • You feel the team is disconnected lately, and you want to figure out what you can do to improve the situation.

  • You notice that your team members are less focused or more anxious than usual.

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