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Custom Poll Templates
Employee survey

Employee recognition needs survey questions

Get to know what kind of recognition your team seeks and what makes it meaningful.

Recognition needs and preferences template questions

Why employee recognition is important

Everyone wants to feel appreciated at work. But recognition is not simply saying “good job.” It needs to show that you are paying attention to the effort they put into their work. Meaningful recognition is one of the pillars of engagement and what will set your team culture apart. Not only is it getting recognition from the manager, but also peers. Both are equally valuable to strengthen relationships and motivation!

Employee recognition survey questions

A good first step to improve your praise game is to open up a conversation. This template can help you understand how your team wants to be recognized, who they want praise from, and how often. Each question will give you deeper insights into how the team sees recognition! Over time, you’ll see how frequent and meaningful recognition will make your team feel truly valued.

When to use these templates

Our employee appreciation questions can be used as often as you’d like! We have templates for all kinds of situations, so be sure to check them all out!

Here are some examples of when to use this Custom Poll template:

  • You want to improve the way you give recognition to the whole team.

  • You want to know how people feel about the recognition they receive and what can make it better.

  • You notice that team morale is a bit low, and you want to show that good work isn’t going unnoticed.

  • You’re the new manager of a team, and you want to uncover how to recognize your team best.

Additional resources

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