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Psychological safety survey template

Get everyone's perspective on the level of psychological safety within the team.

Psychological safety questions for your team

The brilliant Amy C. Edmondson sees psychological safety as the foundation of every high-performing team. Instead of focusing on hard skills, she sees performance as the result of a work environment where trust is high. So what does psychological safety look like? Think about a workplace where employees can voice their opinion, try new ideas, or take risks without judgment.

The best way to check if your workplace is psychologically safe is to ask your team directly. We’ve prepared a poll template with questions to assess psychological safety. You’ll be able to measure your team’s levels of psychological safety and understand what areas you need to improve! The questions tackle every key area like how they feel taking risks, asking for help, voicing concerns, and more.

When to measure psychological safety

Knowing when psychological safety might be low is a bit difficult. It would be best if you kept an eye out for it, but often some signs stand out.

Here are some examples of when you might want to assess psychological safety:

  • There are no difficult or sensitive conversations between the team, or they tend to avoid discussing issues.

  • The team doesn’t admit mistakes in front of others – they seem uncomfortable doing so.

  • Teammates don’t ask for each other’s help when they are struggling.

How to improve psychological safety at work

Send your poll and gather feedback to know which area you should focus on. You can meet with every person to discuss the results and show you are open to change. You can also come up with an action plan to improve psychological safety with your team! Set up a meeting or a team retrospective to have an honest conversation about team values and rituals that could improve trust between teammates. Ensuring everyone has a voice in this process is a great first step to psychological safety!

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