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How managers can spot symptoms of employee burnout on their teams while remote

The topics of employee burnout, wellness, and work-life balance are not new, but in our new remote work context, they take on a whole new meaning. Employee burnout now encompasses much more than performance woes and job-related stress. This type of burnout gets personal, and it can hit anyone in the hierarchy.

Symptoms of burnout are varied:

  1. Lack of or too much sleep

  2. Mood swings

  3. Lethargy

  4. Absence of motivation

  5. Poor decision making

  6. Difficulty focusing or being productive

  7. Less involvement in projects

  8. Social disconnection

How to discuss employee mental health and prevent burnout

  • Be curious and don’t presume that all is good. Make the effort to ask!

  • Offer the employee regular chats with you or a trusted colleague and connect them together.

  • Check in on a personal level before digging into work conversations during meetings and in one-on-one conversations.

Questions to include in your employee wellbeing survey

Being mindful and staying connected to how your team is feeling is more important than ever in a remote work setting. Video calls are great, but some signs are more difficult to detect.

Our mental health Custom Poll helps managers ask their employees the right questions on the topic of mental health and wellbeing and offers a safe space for employees to share their needs anonymously. These insights will help you take action where it counts and reminds employees that they are cared for.

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