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Get to know your team poll template

Set the foundation for success as a new manager with questions to understand your team better.

Questions to get to know your team

As a new manager, it’s important to understand your team – not only every person but also the dynamic the group has. Having a view of your team’s culture will help you identify areas of improvement and rituals to keep!

We created a template with poll questions for this exact purpose! Send the poll to your team to gather insights directly from them on what is working well and what needs to improve.

Get-to-know-you questions for new managers

This one-on-one template is designed to understand your team as a whole.

Send these poll questions when:

  • You’re the new manager of the team.

  • You’re a manager of a new team in your organization.

  • The team has recently gone through a change – new team members joining or leaving – and you need to gather fresh insight into how life is going on the team and individually.

More tips on how to get to know your co-workers

After you talk to your team, you can use this information to create team-building exercises. The key is to encourage them to discuss good and bad team dynamics. When everyone participates, you can guide them toward finding a solution together and forming personal connections that drive performance.

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