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New employee one-on-one meeting template

Check in with new employees who've just joined the team with a one-on-one.

A one-on-one template for onboarding new employees with ease

Studies have shown that the quality of a new team member’s onboarding experience can make or break their work experience and impact their decision to stay in the long run. A Gallup study finds that only 12% of employees strongly agree that their organization does a great job onboarding new people. This statistic goes to show that there’s much room for improvement!

When someone new starts in your team, you want to get to know them individually and give them a warm welcome. To help, we created a meeting template for one-on-ones with questions to ask during employee onboarding.

How to onboard new employees

The new employee onboarding process should take longer than a week. It’s always good to dedicate time to lay the foundation for long-lasting engagement!

Here are the optimal times to use this meeting template with your new employee:

  • During their first few days to introduce yourself early on, and get a quick pulse check of their experience so far.

  • At the end of their first week when they are more settled and know the team a little.

  • 3-4 weeks after joining the team. This will help you know everything is going according to plan!

  • 3 months into the role and the team.

Tips to engage with new employees

Let your new employee know their ideas and opinions are valued during one-on-one. During their first week, try to include them early on in the team dynamic to make sure their relationship with other teammates is positive. These two factors are what will start to drive employee engagement and motivation! On a remote team? In this case, onboarding can take a different shape. But the main objectives are the same!

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