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Find out more about what keeps your employees engaged and committed to your organization.

Why employee experience is important

We often see and use the terms employee engagement, employee satisfaction, and employee experience interchangeably. Although tightly knit, they’re all, in fact, a bit different. Employee engagement is about the emotional commitment an employee has to their organization – and it includes satisfaction as a key component. In contrast, employee experience is essentially about creating an environment where employees are engaged.

Over the last decade or so, more and more organizations are investing time, money and energy into creating a holistic employee experience. But what exactly is involved in doing so? Well, in a nutshell, it’s all about taking action to prevent voluntary turnover and using data and analytics to drive better predictive decision-making.

Many actions can positively impact employee experience:

  • Developing and nurturing strong value-based cultures.

  • Focusing on purpose, cause, and mission.

  • Improving team and cross-team collaboration.

  • Creating a culture of open feedback.

  • Better enabling teams in their work, in their flow of work.

  • Focusing on creating networks of people over classic hierarchical models.

  • Building and communicating clear career paths.

With this in mind, we’ve created a Poll to help you assess your team’s current employee experience so that you can understand the reasons why people enjoy working within your organization and what key factors impact their decision to stay.

Why use an employee experience survey

The first step to improving something is to measure it. And because an employee’s experience directly contributes to their level of engagement at work, regularly using employee experience surveys is a great idea!

For an employee to be engaged, they need to believe that the organization genuinely cares about them in return. When you, as a leader, show your team that you care through your actions, they’ll respond with increased loyalty and commitment to the team and organization. Our employee experience poll template is perfect for helping you do just that!

When to use this survey

Using structured questions for employees is a great way to collect feedback and find out what makes them engaged or what holds them back from being engaged.

Here are some perfect occasions to use our employee experience questions:

  • You’re the new manager to the team and want to get a sense of the team’s current employee experience.

  • A few people have left your organization recently, and you want to know what will keep your team members here for the long run.

  • There’s been a lot of movement recently (team shifts, organizational restructuring, etc.), and you want to be sure that your team’s experience is positive and their engagement high.

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