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Run a workforce diversity questionnaire with your team to find areas of improvement.

What is diversity and inclusion, and why does it matter?

In terms of the workplace, diversity refers to an organization ensuring the talent pool they recruit, retain, and develop is a varied one. This means making efforts so that everything from different races and ethnicities, genders, religions, sexual orientations, and abilities are all well-represented within your walls.

Here’s the truth, though – diversity counts for very little without inclusion. It’s the flip side of the same coin. Diversity and inclusion are at the center of the most basic human needs: wanting to be respected, and feeling valued for what we bring to the team and organization.

D&I is beneficial for everyone – for your people and your business. Moreover, it’s a competitive advantage on many fronts:

  • It has a positive impact on employer brand for attraction and on retention.

  • Employee engagement increases when employees feel included and that their perspectives and experience make a difference.

  • It’s a key ingredient to build high-performing teams.

  • It also positively impacts connections with your customers.

Essential diversity and inclusion survey questions

Measuring diversity and inclusion might seem hard, but it’s not when you ask the right questions! That’s why we’ve created a Custom Poll template with questions that will help you get a sense of how your team feels about this important aspect of high-performing teams.

Here are some perfect occasions to use it:

  • You’re the new manager to the team and want to take the team’s pulse on the matter.

  • You noticed that the quality of relationships and collaboration in the team is decreasing recently.

  • You noticed that some team members seem uncomfortable sharing their thoughts with the team, or tend to hold back.

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