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Communication with manager meeting template

Dive deep into your communication habits and find out how you can improve during your one-on-one.

Common causes of communication problems

Communication problems can come from many places. After all, communication is central to so many parts of a business and impacts all organizational levels when it’s not optimal.

Some causes at the organizational level often end up affecting how you communicate with your own team:

  • Lack of alignment on vision and objectives.

  • Poor or ineffective leadership.

  • Too many communications tools and channels.

  • Underlying trust issues.

Avoiding these pitfalls is an essential management task, but it can sometimes feel like an impossible one to get just right. No need to worry! We’re here to help. We’ve created a one-on-one meeting template to help assess the current situation and find out how you can improve your communication as a manager.

Learn to overcome communication challenges using your one-on-ones

The consequences of communication failures are many:

  • Relationship struggles, which also affect collaboration and trust.

  • Cross-team collaboration is low, or even nonexistent.

  • Decline of employee trust in the organization, negativity, and low morale and engagement.

  • Difficulty in reaching business outcomes and goals, low productivity.

  • Poor product quality of customer service.

So many different things can be done to overcome communication issues with your team! Some are directly related to your behaviors as a manager, such as being consistent, using the right communication tools, and following through. But above all, listening is the golden rule. One-on-one meetings are vital to that. They allow you to connect with your team member and understand how they feel about how you communicate with one another.

With their answers to our one-on-one questions, you’ll have the information you need to adapt, fix any issues, and be the manager you hope to be for your team!

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