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Dive deep into your team's communication patterns and challenges during your one-on-one.

Learn to address communication problems in the workplace

Every team member has different preferences when it comes to communication. Some prefer frequent check-ins or face-to-face meetings, and others asynchronous communication via work tools. In a team, these preferences can sometimes clash, leading to communication problems and loss of productivity. As a manager, making sure that communication is optimal should be a priority. Responsibilities, expectations, and objectives are crystal clear when there is effective communication.

To address communication challenges in your team, use our template for one-on-one meetings. Meet with every team member and use the talking points to discover how they like to communicate with their peers and how their needs are being met. During the conversation, you’ll start to notice communication patterns and pinpoint the issues holding back the team from communicating optimally. Then, take what you learned and create an action plan! You can even hold a team meeting to make sure everyone aligns with the new communication rituals and practices.

Types of communication issues

This meeting template comes in handy when you suspect that there is a communication issue, either with one individual or the whole team.

There are many different types of communication issues that can affect a team. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • There are unresolved or delayed tasks – sometimes, people are not even aware of them.

  • People are unaware of what’s going or feel they don’t have enough visibility to finish their work.

  • Interruptions often occur during meetings, or people don’t pay attention when someone is else is talking.

  • The team doesn’t have the information to complete a project or make decisions due to poorly written communication.

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