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Meeting template to discuss work stress

Meet with your team members to discuss work stress and find solutions together.

How managers can reduce stress in the workplace

Managers are in charge of leading their teams through goals – ensuring performance is optimal at all times. However, another role managers need to take is to keep stress at an acceptable level. There are consequences of an overworked team like low-quality of work and employee disengagement. In the past year, stress has been a focal point for many team managers. Whether you are in the office or are handling a remote team, it’s important to note signs of stress.

When you notice that a person is stressed, don’t jump into the tactics first. Instead, try to understand the underlying cause. It might be a team-wide issue or just something affecting only that person. The only way to find out is to talk to them. For that, you use our one-on-one meeting template to start a conversation about the stress they experience, show your support, and take concrete steps to solve the issue. With this template, you’ll understand what is affecting their wellbeing in the workplace and get to know better what triggers their stress, so it doesn’t happen again.

Signs of a stressed employee

Stress can come out in many forms. Not every person will react to work-related challenges or personal issues affecting them during work times the same way:

Here are some signs to look out for:

  • Lack of motivation to complete everyday tasks or goals.

  • Signs of poor sleep.

  • Difficulty focusing either during meetings or their own work time.

  • Isolation from the team or social events.

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