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Employee survey

Questions template on work stress

Use our template to gauge your team’s stress level and investigate on root causes.

What managers can do to reduce stress in the workplace

Being mindful of our wellbeing is always important, especially in times of change or high stress. A manager’s role is to keep an eye out for warning signs of high stress within the team. Then, you have to take active steps to support employees and ensure a healthy team. One of the difficult things for a manager sometimes is to learn how to spot the signs in the first place before stress becomes a blocker for performance. Since you can’t have superpowers, we’ve built a template to help you out!

Our Custom Poll template has a set of questions that will help you see the signs of overworked employees. You can send these poll questions to your team, gather their answers, and analyze the data to understand how they feel and its underlying cause. Once that’s done, you can create an action plan or even collaborate with other managers to promote company-wide wellbeing.

Common signs of a stressed team

The signs of stress are different for each person, but here are some typical ways teams act when they experience stress:

  • Your team members are calling in sick more than usual, showing up late, or missing deadlines.

  • Their communication habits have changed, taking a more direct or even impetuous tone.

  • Heightened emotions: team members seem to be having a shorter fuse, they’re often distracted or seem unhappy.

  • You notice that they’re putting in time after hours, weekends and holidays, and not taking vacations.

The consequences of overworked employees

It’s only fair to want your team members to be as productive as possible, and every organization and team will have occasional times that are busier than others. But don’t make the common mistake of wearing out your top talent.

Overworked employees can highly impact many aspects of the business, and have lasting effects if the situation is not addressed swiftly:

  • Decrease in productivity, innovation, and creativity.

  • A decline in the quality of customer service ultimately affecting retention and customer loyalty.

  • Employee engagement takes a nosedive when team members lose passion for their work. They ultimately burn out or leave the organization.

  • Your employer brand takes a hit: the organization’s reputation suffers when it becomes known for running its employees into the ground.

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