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Improve your communication skills with our Custom Poll template.

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Good communication at work plays an essential role in each and every responsibility you have as a member of the team. It’s even more true if you are a manager.

Whether you’re building relationships, guiding your team through conflict, or explaining objectives and projects, the way you communicate is central to your team’s success.

Moreover, along with collaboration and trust, communication is at the core of meaningful relationships with your team – that’s why Officevibe’s Pulse Surveys measure it to calculate the Relationship with manager metric. All the more reasons to invest time and energy on what you can do to make your communications the best they can be!

Learn to overcome communication challenges using our Custom Poll

Have a complete picture of what your team members think and feel about how you communicate with them. Our Custom Poll template will help you uncover the following:

  • How comfortable your team members are to share their honest thoughts and feelings with you.

  • What you can do to improve and better communicate with them.

  • What they appreciate most about how you communicate.

  • How open they consider themselves to receiving your feedback.

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