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One-on-Ones Templates

Team member roles and responsibilities template

Meet with a team member to discuss their role, review responsibilities, and align on goals and expectations.

Defining roles and responsibilities template

In the research we’ve conducted internally with thousands of managers just like you, the priority that always comes out at the top of the list is to set clear roles, responsibilities, and expectations and communicate those clearly and effectively with employees.

What’s more, our research reveals that managers are not at all satisfied with their current ability to handle this activity like they would hope to. Often, a lack of proper tools and guidance are cited as things that get in the way of them succeeding. That’s precisely why we’ve created this one-on-one template.

Our defining roles and responsibilities template will enable you to identify any gaps or lack of clarity in the way employees understand their roles, responsibilities, goals, and overall expectations. With this collaborative dialogue and guidance provided in private notes under each talking point, you’re guaranteed to come out of the conversation feeling aligned and able to support your team member in their role.

Impact of clearly defined roles and responsibilities

No one wants to work while constantly wondering if they’re working on the right things and towards the goals that matter to the team and the business. More and more employees are asking for clear areas of accountability to feel a sense of accomplishment towards their work. Put simply, accountable employees manage their workload according to team objectives, proactively seek help when needed, and take responsibility when they make mistakes. Isn’t that a manager’s dream employee?  

That’s why defining roles, responsibilities, and expectations is key in creating this accountability.

Here’s our technique to drive employee accountability:

  1. Meet with employees individually to clearly outline their roles and responsibilities using our Team member roles and responsibilities template.

  2. Once every team member’s roles are clear, set clear, measurable smart goals with your employees to have something meaningful to work towards. Use our template specifically built for that.

  3. Have regular, structured one-on-ones with employees to monitor their progress, give constructive feedback, and revisit their goals when needed.

  4. If you see someone’s productivity dropping, meet with them to discuss it. Approach them with curiosity and ask questions to open up the conversation using our template built precisely with that intent: Poor performance discussion template

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