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Change management poll template

Follow up on a recent change, process, or event to check how it affects the team.

Change management questions to ask employees

Change within a growing organization is inevitable, but it can affect employees’ engagement and performance if not managed well. A Gartner study on change management found that 75% of employees feel stress when a change affects their work. When changes happen, managers can be great allies to their teams and show off their leadership skills while having a positive impact on the business and people.

It’s always best to walk your team through the change or event that will affect their work as soon as it is announced. Meet up with your team to discuss the upcoming changes or make an action plan to ensure a smooth transition. Once the shifts turn, use our Custom Poll template to measure how it went! You’ll gather insights directly from your team and learn both the negative and positive impacts it had on them.

When to measure the impact of change

Change can happen at any time, but some will have more impact than others. You need to make sure everyone understands the change and is ready to embrace it.

These are some common scenarios you can use this our poll questions template:

  • Your organization went through a restructure recently, or some people had to be let go.

  • Your organization’s fast growth is affecting your team’s role.

  • Your organization is moving to a full or part-time remote work environment.

  • There have been changes in company leadership.

  • Your organization merged with another one.

  • Changing priorities, moving team members to new projects, or overall shifting gears as a business.

Additional resources

Change management is an essential management skill. Read up on these articles to learn more about it:

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