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Get your team's honest answers on where trust stands and how you can improve it.

How to build trust in a team

Strong relationships are the building blocks of successful teams. Without them, what holds your team together might fall apart. The ideal is for trust between managers and employees to be as high as possible. And to get it to that level, one thing is essential โ€” open communication. Honest conversations help employees tell you what their realities are and what they truly need. This honesty needs to come from both sides. When you are transparent and vulnerable with them, it shows you trust them back with whatever changes are happening in your organization and they in turn count on you when they face a challenge.

Trust-building questions for leaders

As mentioned before, open communication goes a long way. Use our poll questions template to get started on it! Each question on this template is designed to help you measure trust and pinpoint any challenges blocking your teamโ€™s trust in you.

Here are some common scenarios where this template comes in handy:

  • Your team doesn’t voice their opinion or ideas either in a meeting or during one-on-ones.

  • Your team doesn’t disagree with you on approaching a project, new team goals, ways of working, etc.

  • Your team never tells you when they make a mistake or face an issue. Instead, they try to fix it themselves.

Normally, these are signs of low trust. If you spot any, start a conversation with the poll questions – even just showing you are willing to listen to their honest opinions can improve trust!

The positive impact of trust in the workplace

Relationships built on a foundation of trust lead to better engagement and performance. Once you start building trust, you might see these changes:

  • Your team is ready to embrace and adapt when challenges come.

  • There are low levels of stress and burnout is not common.

  • Creativity and innovation are better than before!

  • Employees know how to have difficult conversations and ensure a positive outcome.

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