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Custom Poll Templates
Employee survey

Employee engagement survey template

Check your team's engagement and uncover any issues that might be keeping it low.

Templates for checking employee engagement

High engagement is a great predictor of a team’s success. When a team is engaged, their level of effort and energy dedicated to their work is high. People are motivated and take on the work needed to reach the team’s goals.

Engagement is something you need to measure constantly as a manager. However, sometimes it can be hard to see the early signs and understand the causes of a disengaged team. That’s why we created this Custom Poll template. Instead of wondering how to write an employee engagement survey, you can send your team these poll questions. The questions target the engagement factors we use to calculate the Overall Engagement Score in our Pulse Survey. You’ll see questions about feedback, recognition, communication, personal growth, and more!

How to assess employee engagement

These custom poll questions will bring all the pieces together for you to get a full picture of your team’s engagement.

The perfect time to use them is when you spot symptoms of disengagement like:

  • Lack of collaboration or communication within the team.

  • No interest in professional development goals or motivation to grow beyond their role.

  • People feeling stressed or overwhelmed at work.

  • Lack of feedback or recognition – either between peers or from the managers.

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