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Helping Nintex cultivate effective managers with more confidence

Success Story


Nintex’s HR team shares how they use Officevibe to support managers and better understand their diverse team’s evolving needs.

Nintex is the world’s leading provider of automated workflow solutions. From Amazon to Walmart and Coca-Cola, they power thousands of everyday business processes for the biggest companies worldwide.

Location Worldwide

Company size 535

Industry Computer software

With over 500 employees spread across 10 different international offices, Nintex faced a complex challenge: understanding and responding to the needs of a workforce that’s both culturally and geographically diverse. In the end, it’s all about knowing what makes your employees tick.

Nintex’s HR team recognized the importance of tailoring HR strategies and projects to different groups while maintaining a global goal. They sought a solution that would provide trusted data to inform their HR strategy while empowering managers to gain better insights into their teams.

Better conversations, better managers

Not only did managers better understand their teams with the help of Officevibe’s Pulse Surveys and Anonymous Feedback, but they used those insights to develop improved communication, collaboration – and ultimately better relationships.

Officevibe has specifically helped managers have better conversations with their teams. The Nintex HR team shared that instead of just focusing on individual performance, the focus is now on building team dynamics and creating a great work environment. Officevibe has pushed their managers to self-evaluate themselves more and have the tough conversations they might previously have avoided. Unanimously, they agree the platform has been a great coaching tool for their managers.

Data backed decision-making

For Nintex’s HR team, the regular flow of Officevibe data became the direct link between execs and employees. Not only is it now used as a company OKR and to report to the board on employee engagement, but it’s informed everything from HR and Facilities programs to global wellness initiatives, manager development training, and even Nintex’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of their HR leaders shared that by using Officevibe, they can better understand the needs of different groups in real-time. This allows them to not only track the HR initiatives they deliver, but more importantly, adjust or accelerate them based on what they learn from the platform. “Successfully running programs based off of Officevibe data has actually led to employees providing even better data since they knew it would have impact,” they said.

The key to success

While Officevibe can be seen as a platform that generates data for managers and HR, Nintex finds meaningful success by understanding that data as a way to generate trust with their employees.

How do they do it? They wholeheartedly believe employees will only provide them with quality data if they feel it’s being valued. That doesn’t mean it always needs to be turned into a project, but it does have to be heard and acknowledged.

While Nintex’s leadership team was originally unsure if employees would answer honestly or if they would simply use the tool as a venting opportunity, neither of these concerns turned out to be true. As managers responded more, employees gave more contextual and regular feedback. It had a great cyclical effect.

A healthy culture evolves with its people

After six years with Officevibe, Nintex says there’s been a natural shift that’s taken place during that time. Managers who use the tool well are now able to drive their teams to have a stake in their own group dynamic, finding success by making engagement a true shared responsibility.

Nintex Takeaways

  • Greater company-wide transparency;
  • Data-backed HR initiatives;
  • More confident managers;
  • A culture of communication within teams;
  • Teams that work directly with Officevibe data to improve dynamics.

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