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How Canidé fosters team feedback and recognition with Officevibe 

Success Story


Watch our conversation with Rachel below to learn how Officevibe helped her fortify gratitude and build a positive company culture at Canidé.

Marketing communication agency offering services in two principle areas: strategy and public relations.

Location Montreal, Canada

Company size 30

Industry Marketing

With a stellar overall Officevibe recognition score of 8.9, we spoke with Rachel to discuss:  

  • How Canidé uses Officevibe to strengthen team bonds 
  • Why it’s crucial to gather feedback and take the pulse of your team  
  • The impact of recognition for the sender and the receiver 

When an organization begins to experience rapid growth, it’s common for company culture to fall by the wayside as priorities shift and objectives are reassessed.  

But for Rachel Desbiens-Després, CEO of Canidé, maintaining the human touch that attracted top talent to their agency in the first place was non-negotiable. To ensure the employees at her Montreal-based public relations and communications agency continued to feel valued and seen, she sought out an employee experience tool that could be easily integrated into their daily processes.  

canide - Interviewee

“Sometimes [recognition] looks like a small gesture, but it has a big impact”

Rachel Desbiens-Després, CEO

The team implemented Officevibe in March 2022, and Rachel was able to start collecting anonymous employee feedback to learn what was working well at the agency and what could be improved. And when Officevibe launched its newest feature, Good Vibes, the team quickly embraced the peer-to-peer recognition platform where they could shout out their colleagues and celebrate accomplishments.  

Through some of the comments they received in Good Vibes, Rachel and the team at Canidé were able to see which elements employees appreciated most about their colleagues and their work environment, and used that to continue strengthening their culture.  

Businesses like yours are using Officevibe to elevate their employee experience, our experts can show you how.

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