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In 11 short, daily emails, you’ll learn how to become a better leader.

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You’ll receive a ton of resources and actionable tips you can use right away.

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This course was specifically designed for busy leaders. No fluff, just epic content.

Leadership lessons you'll learn:


The self-assessment

The questions I use to help leaders self-assess to establish a baseline.


Focusing on employees

You’ll learn how to shift your mindset to put the focus on your employees.


Holding your team accountable

Discover how to hold your team accountable without being a micromanager.


Time management

I’ll teach you how to manage your time for maximum productivity.


Setting priorities

What’s the best way to set priorities to get the biggest return?


Angry employees

Dealing with angry employees is tough, but I’ll show you exactly how to do it.


Setting team goals

Learn how to set goals that will motivate your team to work harder.



You’ll learn the simple secret to make sure your team constantly stays motivated.



Learn the simple trick to get your employees to genuinely like you.



Communicating is the key to building trust with your team and earning respect.


Collecting feedback

Anyone can collect feedback, but you’ll learn how to constantly get amazing feedback.

About your instructor

Jacob is on a mission to help managers become great leaders. He's written 5 books on employee engagement, 350+ articles on leadership development, and has interviewed 50 of the world's top leadership experts.

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Many happy managers

This is fantastic! If we could only get this into the hands of every supervisor, group leader, and manager. Thanks for sharing this!

Tina Hallis

Tina Hallis
Professional Speaker and Trainer

Loving your content! Really informative and gives me lots of ideas to improve! Thanks :).

Amanda Wilcox

Amanda Wilcox
Customer Service

This was really helpful, Jacob! This was exactly what we needed at just the right time!

Reid Carr

Reid Carr
President & CEO

Be the type of leader that employees admire & respect.

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