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Feedback lessons you'll learn:


The feedback mindset

You’ll learn how to change your mindset to give and receive feedback properly.


Feedback mistakes

Discover the most common mistakes made with feedback and how to avoid them.


Feedback tools

There are many ways to collect and give feedback. Find out what works best.


Anonymous feedback

Should feedback be anonymous or not? What are the pros and cons of both arguments?


Collecting feedback

You’ll learn the trick to get employees to consistently give you epic, honest feedback.


Giving feedback

Learn how can you make sure that employees listen and act on the feedback you give them.


Setting team goals

Negative feedback is very sensitive. You’ll learn exactly how to handle it.


Replying to employees

Discover how to craft the perfect reply to any piece of feedback that you collect.


Performance reviews

Learn the secrets of amazing performance reviews and what most companies get wrong about them.



You’ll understand why this is by far your most powerful tool as a manager.


Feedback loop

Learn how to to create a culture of continuous feedback inside your organization.

About your instructor

Jacob is on a mission to help managers become great leaders. He's written 5 books on employee engagement, 350+ articles on leadership development, and has interviewed 50 of the world's top leadership experts.

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Caryn Morgan
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Sarah Fisher
Recruiting Manager at Drumroll

I have to say I’m quite impressed by the content you share and the way you bring it. The way Officevibe approaches traditional HR appeals a lot to me.

Koen Cuyckens

Koen Cuyckens
Developing Future Fit Organizations

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