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A guide to conducting employee engagement surveys

When you invest in your people, you’ll quickly see why employee engagement is key to a company’s success.

Engagement starts with giving employees a chance to share how they feel and quickly acting on your findings. But what’s the best way to collect insights? This guide covers it all.

Wait, there’s more: we’ve included a free action plan template to help you put your learnings into practice and reach new employee engagement heights.


What’s in this guide

This guide to conducting employee engagement surveys will help you:

  • Understand why it’s important to measure employee engagement
  • Learn best practices for conducting surveys
  • Evaluate the types of engagement surveys and when to use them
  • Make the most out of your surveys by increasing participation
  • Interpret the results and act on them using our free action plan template

Get your survey on and build your employee engagement strategy with your team’s feedback.

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