Fine-tuned and powerful reports that lead to action

Never face another important people decision without data. Rely on accurate and easy-to-use data from across your organization and even outside it.

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See and do more with insights that matter

Maximize context

Never face another important decision about your people without data. Rely on accurate and easy-to-use insights from your organization and benchmark with your industry.

Insights for all

Deliver insights straight to the hands of all your people. With reports made for sharing, everyone can lead the way to a better experience for all.

Your central record of EX

Get a true sense of your organization’s vibe with a single source to look back in time. That way, you’ll never lose touch with that special something.

Go deep on your metrics

Engagement breakdown

Break down your metrics with powerful sub-metrics that simplify the job of knowing exactly where you excel and where you need to work to improve your employee experience.

Put words to feelings

Question report

Go directly to the source and see which survey questions generate the most reaction. See questions over time, by team, and metric. Itโ€™s super powerful and addictive (in a good way).

Breakdown experience silos

Comparison report

No team gets left behind. Easily see where your teams’ experience is alike and where they are different so you can be sure where you can make the most impact. Plus, don’t just compare across teams โ€” with industry benchmarks, you can also compare with the market!

Your reputation counts

Keep building your compelling employer value proposition. Start collecting eNPS for every employee from day 1. And with their eNPS question added seamlessly to their next Pulse Survey, you’ll guarantee a follow-up every 90 days. Just another way we make sure you have the most complete and up-to-date data on your reputation as an employer.


Data by your people, for your people

Report sharing

Trust and transparency go a long way, and so does a data-informed team! Do both with a click of a button by sharing reports with every member of your organization. Give each employee a chance to contribute to improving their own experience.

Our employee experience reporting tools help you…

Deliver impactful initiatives

Every new initiative is a guaranteed learning experience with robust analytics that cover the critical moments of the employee experience.

Improve retention

Compare your eNPS across teams and across your industry and stake your claim as an irresistible organization!

Navigate change

Not only can you keep all your employee experience data in the same place, but you can also watch it develop over time. Keep an eye on your baseline and surpass it!

Use data-rich dashboards and insights to inform your response and take action where needed.

โœ“ No credit card required