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Employee pulse survey tool


Officevibe’s science-driven Pulse Surveys ask your team the right questions to measure employee engagement. Easy-to-read survey reports make it quick and intuitive to see where you can have the greatest impact on company culture. We do the heavy work so you can focus on supporting your team.

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Employee using Officevibe's feedback tool

Pulse survey data you can use

Weekly employee pulse surveys

Improve employee productivity and engagement with just five relevant questions per week. The employee survey software is built to give actionable insight.

Officevibe’s Pulse Surveys

Collect employee feedback

Clear, easy-to-read reports give you real-time insights into employee concerns and a historical view to track improving employee retention and engagement trends over time.

Anonymous pulse surveys

Anonymous feedback is powerful! Employee surveys gain honest answers and managers get more accurate results to make positive change.

An employee survey platform that fuels employee engagement

Critical employee insights

Reports are easy to understand and designed to highlight what managers should focus on.

  • Avoid survey fatigue with a smart algorithm that sends relevant questions without being repetitive.
  • Clear, anonymized, aggregated data from survey results are presented in easy-to-read reports.
  • Survey reports are easily shared with teams and key stakeholders across your organization.
Product shot of a Creative team Surveys Report in Officevibe

Data-driven decisions

Officevibe helps leaders in organizations make the right decisions about employee engagement.

  • Know exactly what is working in your organization and confidently invest in those areas.
  • Spot the areas where people need support and use this data to back up changes and resources.
  • Quantitative feedback and custom surveys help you measure the impact of new initiatives.
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Employee empowerment

Officevibe helps managers and teams work collaboratively and have more meaningful conversations.

  • Data from the employee engagement surveys is available to everyone on your team for full transparency.
  • Easily turn team metrics into talking points in one-on-one meetings booked directly in the app.
  • Everyone is accountable for a positive workplace culture and Officevibe gives employees a voice.
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83% of employees who use Officevibe feel like their manager cares about their opinion.

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A smart employee 
pulse survey software

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