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Erase blind spots. Create a safe space for real talk. Our expertly-designed, science-backed surveys are fun to use, prompting engagement and action.

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See and do more with insights that matter

Ready for liftoff

Add your employees and press send. It’s as easy as that to keep your finger on the pulse of your teams.

The journey is the destination

Shouldn’t the tool you use to measure engagement be engaging? If you agree, our Pulse Surveys are for you!

A safe space

Your Pulse Surveys offer 100% anonymity. It’s a culture of trust and transparency built in.

Who knew feedback could be so fun?

Survey experience

Your automated Pulse Surveys deliver a mix of slider, rating, and multiple-choice questions to keep fresh insight-generating questions coming on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. With as few as 5 questions per survey, sharing is not only caring — it’s also easy!

The results are (always) in

Open questions

Over and above our science-backed set of questions, your Pulse Survey will also ask open-ended questions, giving you the up-to-the-minute employee voice.

Measure your impact

Linked to metrics

Get a rich and actionable picture of how your employees feel. Every question connects to an engagement metric, whether part of the survey question set or open-ended questions.

Our Pulse Surveys help you…

Connect each manager with what’s going on in their teams

Drive action with consistent, measurable, up-to-the-moment feedback that sharpens their understanding of employee engagement. Get reliable insights that are visible to all, not just leadership.

Deliver initiatives with a punch

Develop a rapid feedback loop and feel the impact of new initiatives in a matter of days instead of months.

Navigate organizational change

Keep your eye on the ball by highlighting your most critical or at-risk metrics during periods of change or uncertainty.

83% of employees who use Officevibe believe that their managers create opportunities for open team discussions.

From Officevibe data

A bigger picture is a better picture. Officevibe helps you explore the many ways you can engage, bringing insights into action.

✓ No credit card required