Integrated, continuous

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Align team goals with
business objectives


Give employees a stake in their own development

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Broach tough talking points & boost engagement

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Foster achievement with a framework for goal management

Empower managers and teams

The greatest perk a company can give employees is a clear path forward. Officevibe’s in-app 1-on-1 software features give managers and employees a shared space for purposeful goal-setting, coaching, and meaningful conversations. Improve employee engagement through stronger relationships.

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How Officevibe enables 1-on-1s

Use the collaborative agenda to prepare your conversations ahead of time and ensure you address each topic during your 1-on-1. Then, create action items that will empower employee performance.

Before doing your one on one, align on team goals and plan your conversation

Helping you get ready

Managers set team goals, then plan 1-on-1s with each team member in their collaborative agenda. They can set their own talking points or choose from our list of science-backed topic suggestions.
Conversation support to stay on-topic during conversations and note taking

Conversational support

Managers and team members lean on their collaborative agenda to stay on-topic, and track the discussion with in-app notes. It then prompts them to set a date for their next meeting and pin talking points that need reviewing.
Illustration showing that after the meeting, you can set action points and check them when done

Setting your next steps

Once the meeting is over, managers set action items that can be accessed by both parties. This keeps employees moving forward and helps managers track individual goals. The collaborative agenda then automates scheduling and reminders to ensure conversations are continuous.

Officevibe is dedicated to helping you create stronger, happier, higher-performing teams.

Make your workplace more human

Measure engagement, develop performance and evolve as a manager with Officevibe.