Employee engagement starts with trust.

Whether you’re a fast-growing company, a newly remote workplace, or simply want a culture you can be proud of, Officevibe is the employee engagement platform that makes it easy to understand and care for your entire workforce.

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Why Officevibe for your organization? 

It’s simple: with Officevibe, better employee engagement doesn’t only come from the top down. Our incredibly easy-to-use features focus on the manager-team relationship, driving better conversations, connections, and a sense of psychological safety across your entire organization. HR gets help supporting and training managers at scale, all while generating clear, credible insights for leadership to act on in real time.

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Rapid Growth

Create a link to your growing workforce and never lose touch with your people or what makes your organization unique.

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Culture & Retention

Amplify employee performance and retention with engagement data that lets you act on leading indicators before it’s too late.

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Remote Reality

Facilitate honest communication and capture key insights to quickly understand and support employees in times of change.

Transform your culture into a competitive advantage

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Engagement made simple at every level

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For HR & Executives

As a leader in your organization, honest feedback is your greatest asset. Officevibe leverages the power of anonymity to create an instant safe space that lets you build trust while collecting game-changing anonymous insights.

Employees feel heard, managers improve team performance, and leadership can develop, deploy and track the right people initiatives in a caring, agile way.

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Stronger recruitment & retention

Develop a culture of open communication, trust, and collaboration. Turn employees into ambassadors, strengthen your employer brand, and retain the people you’ve worked so hard to attract.

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Structured engagement data

120 fixed Pulse Survey questions break down employee engagement into 10 Key Metrics for consistent data you can compare across time, teams, or your entire industry.

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Custom question creation

Go beyond Pulse Surveys to dig deeper on organizational changes or initiatives. Launch Custom Polls independently or attach them to existing Pulse Surveys to generate answers to specific questions on demand.

Custom polls in Officevibe
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Data segmentation by team & demographic 

Capture and compare  the  data that matters to you. Segment  and analyze your organization in an unlimited number of ways, or view variation reports to pinpoint changes  in engagement over  specific periods.  

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Officevibe Safe Exchange anonymity engine 

Anonymity your people will trust. All Survey results are aggregated, while employees can toggle anonymity on or off for text-based feedback, safely starting in-app conversations with direct managers, or HR.

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Manager communication training at scale

In-app Feedback Guidance trains managers on responding empathically to feedback, while 1-on-1 suggested talking points guarantee the right words to drive productive 1-on-1s.

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For Team Managers 
& Employees

A great company culture may start at the top, but it succeeds or fails at the team level. Empowering your organization with Officevibe gives every manager a simple, immediateapproach to improve understanding, communication, and performance within their teams. Employees can feel safe speaking honestly and bringing their full selves to work.

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for Team Managers

Success stories that inspire

Portrait of Karina Mounivong

Using Officevibe, we’re able to understand the needs of different groups in real time. Successfully running programs based off of Officevibe data has actually led to employees providing even better data since they knew it would have impact.

Karina Mounivong
VP, Global Human Resources
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Portrait of Lindsey O’Sullivan

I really can’t say enough about how helpful Officevibe  has been while we’re remote. I regularly enter 1-on-1s with managers, where they say, ‘Hey, can we pull up Officevibe real quick?’ because they want to discuss results

Lindsey O’Sullivan
Director of People Operations
Nautilus Labs
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Portrait of Analiese Brown

Turnover itself isn’t very actionable, but what I love about Officevibe is that it gives us those insights while we can still do something about it.

Analiese Brown
Head of Talent and Culture
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