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For organizations

Officevibe is the employee engagement platform that will help you hone what makes you successful – and hang onto it. Understand your people, support your managers, and build a company culture where everyone thrives.

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Why Officevibe for your organization? 

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You’re growing fast

You need Officevibe to keep longtime employees happy, connect with new hires and hang onto what made you successful.

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You’re keeping the magic alive

Tighten up your culture and find out how your people feel. Give your managers the power to build happier, more successful teams.

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Your workforce is distributed

WFH? Offices in different cities? Recent merger? Bring everyone under a single company culture & keep eyes on your people.

Your culture. Make it the reason people apply,
succeed and stay.

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For HR & Execs

Honest feedback from your people doesn’t come around every day. And yet, it’s the only way you can really improve your culture. Officevibe gets you that feedback by giving your people a space for real talk, so you can:

  • Build trust and make employees feel heard
  • Launch game-changing people initiatives
  • See everything that’s going on in your organization
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For Team managers

A great company culture may start at the top, but it lives and breathes at team level. That’s why Officevibe gives teams a space to open up to their managers, so managers can:

  • Strengthen their relationships with their people
  • Understand their team’s needs and take action
  • Create the conditions for great work

Make space for real talk

Better 1-on-1s and goals

Improve as a manager

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Photo of Lindsey O’Sullivan, Director of People Operations at Nautilus Labs

“It was not surprising, but clearer, how much stress the team was feeling. Officevibe allowed us to dig in on what was driving it, like work-life balance. It allowed us to circle through our teams and ask how we could help.”

Lindsey O’Sullivan, Director of People Operations

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