Team performance & development tools

Team performance & development tools

Align your team on goals, expectations and responsibilities, and then keep track with effective 1-on-1s.

High performance is every manager’s dream, and continuous development is every employees’. When managers support employees in their growth with a clear understanding of their responsibilities, goals and how to get there, performance and accountability tend to manifest. Use these team performance and development tools to help set your employees up for success.

4 in 5 employees who use Officevibe are clear on how to reach performance goals and objectives.

Setting meaningful goals that stick

Use this goal-setting framework collaboratively with your employees to set effective performance and development goals. Did you know that employees who are involved in the goal-setting process are 4x more likely to be engaged?

  • Employee self-reflection exercise to determine strengths and brainstorm on goals.
  • Effective goal-setting framework with tips to guide the 1-on-1 exercise.
  • Use this framework cohesively across your whole team using Officevibe.
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The before, during and after guide for the perfect 1-on-1

When done right, 1-on-1 meetings are the prime time to set the foundation for performance. Align on goals, exchange feedback, and build trust-based relationships with your employees using this guide.

  • Tips to prepare for the meeting
  • What to do during and after your 1-on-1
  • Science-backed tips to set development goals
  • 10 step goal-setting checklist
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Guide illustration
Guide illustration

Officevibe‘s 1-on-1 tool helps you schedule, structure, and hold better conversations with every member of your team.

Features managers love:

  • Collaborative agenda: Prepare for 1-on-1s together with your team members by both including what you’d like to discuss ahead of time.
  • Conversation engine: Communicate confidently with recommended talking points and wording that ensures every 1-on-1 is productive.
  • Goal-setting: Work with employees to set individual objectives, break them down into simple action items and keep track, all in one place.
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