Hiring & onboarding tools for manager

Hiring & onboarding tools

Get the right people together and onboard them successfully.

Building a new team or growing an existing one? You’ve come to the right place. Managers are responsible for hiring the right candidate and ensuring that they’re onboarded properly. These early moments of the employee experience set the tone for their engagement and performance down the line, yet, 20% of new-hire turnover happens in the first 45 days on the job (HBR). In this section, you’ll find the hiring and onboarding tools you need to get the right set of people together, and integrate them properly through a people-first lens.

Employee onboarding checklist

The quality of employee onboarding sets the stage for how well new hires integrate into their team. Use this checklist to ensure your newest team member is set up for success.

  • 7-Step onboarding checklist for new hires
  • Action plan and onboarding tips for managers and team members
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Interview questions for managers

Hire beyond the CV with a holistic view of your candidate’s soft skills, leadership potential and how well they’ll work with your team.

  • Interview questions to evaluate soft skills
  • Interview questions to determine leadership potential
  • Interview questions to determine vulnerability and introspection
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