Communication & Feedback tools

Communication & feedback tools

Learn to communicate feedback effectively, develop your people skills, and be a better coach.

Communication and feedback are not new concepts in the workplace, but in the new context of work, they have reached an unprecedented level of importance. As we follow a shift in focus from hard skills to soft skills and boss to coach, communication and feedback coexist front and center. Use these communication tools to amplify your people skills and build authentic relationships with your employees.

Emotional intelligence guide and practice exercises

To build successful relationships, manage conflict and communicate effectively with your team, develop your Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

  • Understanding EQ in the workplace
  • Common workplace scenarios for each domain
  • Simple practice exercises to improve your EQ in your day-to-day
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Better feedback framework for managers and teams

Use this feedback guide and framework with your team. Practice together to normalize the process and build a culture of respectful, candid feedback!

  • The 10 principles of effective feedback with examples
  • How to ask for feedback (sample questions)
  • Sentence framework for offering effective feedback
  • Practice giving feedback to one another
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Guide illustration
Guide illustration

Management and communication go hand-in-hand. Learn how Officevibe lets managers understand how their teams really feel with a culture of continuous feedback.

Features managers love:

  • Pulse Surveys: Weekly pulse surveys let employees know that their opinions and needs are important to you.
  • Anonymous Feedback: Provide a safe space for employees to discuss whatever’s on their mind, letting you have conversations you might otherwise have missed.
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