Conflict & change management tools

Change management tools

Lead through change, crisis and conflict.

Change and conflict are inevitable, but not always easy to navigate. Often you need to respond quickly and make choices on the fly. Whether it be team conflict or a company-wide crisis, the role of the manager is to be clear and transparent and keep a pulse on how people are feeling. Use these tools to help navigate change and maintain an engaged and resilient team.

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Your presence as a leader is never more important than during moments of transition or crisis. Use Officevibe’s custom survey tool to ask the right questions at the right time, a key indicator that you have your team’s best interest at heart.

Features managers love:

  • Custom Polls: Give your people a voice by creating your own custom surveys with case-specific questions.
  • Pulse Surveys & Feedback: Provide a safe space to share feelings, concerns, needs, and suggestions, whenever the thought strikes.

PSST! Officevibe created a Remote Work Custom Poll for managers to use with their teams. Get insights into your people’s needs during this time so you can work well together, even while apart.

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