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Because all great heroes need a sidekick

Thanks for popping into our manager toolbox! We believe that managers are the glue of the workforce and the most important players in the future of work. Companies often prioritize the Employee Experience, as it’s understood that the experience and engagement of employees are directly related to the experience and loyalty of customers. True, but there’s one big step missing: The Manager Experience. If we want employees to succeed, the people who are asked to guide them need guidance as well.

Visit this manager toolbox as needed for tools, frameworks, templates, exercises and more to help you build your management expertise. As you develop in your role, so will this set of tools for managers, so keep checking in for everything you need to lead.

Manager Experience = Employee Experience = Customer Experience

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New manager tools

Start off on the right foot with your team and set yourself up for success from day one.

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Hiring & onboarding tools

Get the right people together and onboard them successfully.

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Team collaboration tools

Improve trust, relationships and collaboration on your team.

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Team performance & development tools

Align your team on goals, expectations and responsibilities, and then keep track with effective 1-on-1s.

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Communication & feedback tools

Learn to communicate feedback effectively, develop your people skills, and be a better coach.

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Change management tools

Lead through change, crisis and conflict.

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