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Automate and organize how you collect anonymous feedback from your employees, no matter your team’s size or their location. Quick Pulse Surveys provide real-time feedback to help you dig deeper. Employees can share anonymous feedback with their manager easily, any time.

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What makes our feedback tool different

Officevibe’s Pulse Surveys

Better employee surveys

Officevibe’s Pulse Surveys get the real-time feedback that shapes teams and organizations, with questions developed in partnership with Deloitte.

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Automation and anonymity

Our feedback tool does the hard work for you, gives employees the option for anonymity, and integrates smoothly into everyone’s day-to-day.

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Simple, clear reports

Understand the employee experience instantly with user-friendly, straightforward reports and share survey results easily with your team.

Officevibe's complete employee feedback software.

Employee Pulse Surveys & survey reports

Employees answer 5 questions every week to bring managers real-time feedback from direct reports.

  • Our survey algorithm sends relevant questions about employee experience.
  • Clear, anonymized, aggregated data from survey results is presented in easy-to-read reports.
  • Measure 10 key metrics of employee engagement like employee happiness, company alignment, and wellness.
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Anonymous employee feedback collection

Give employees a safe space for honest communication.

  • Get honest feedback through follow-up questions in surveys and the employee suggestion box, with the option for anonymity.
  • Send custom surveys to ask specific open-ended questions and get actionable feedback on team or organizational topics.
  • Give employees a safe space to share their honest thoughts and spark conversations that wouldn’t happen otherwise.
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Turn feedback into conversations

  • Anonymous employee feedback turns into a chat conversation. Ask further questions, get more details, and discuss next steps while employees stay anonymous, or not.
  • Easily share survey reports and discuss them with your team, your manager, or company leadership.
  • Turn employee engagement metrics into talking points in one-on-one meetings directly in the app, and set action items together with direct reports.
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83% of employees who use Officevibe feel like their manager cares about their opinion.

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