Make space for real talk.

Team Management

Understand your people’s needs. Have conversations that wouldn’t happen otherwise. Help your team bring their best work to the table.

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How our team 
management tools work

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Answer Pulse Surveys and give managers Anonymous Feedback.

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Respond to Feedback in-app and review Survey results.

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Discuss scores, brainstorm ways to improve, and grow as a team.

82% of employees using Officevibe believe their direct manager cares about their opinion.

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For Teams

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For Managers

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For Teams & Managers

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“The anonymous feedback is where the real value lies for my team. The truth is, some people just don’t want to come directly to you to chat about a certain topic, and that’s fine.”

Mario Stojanovski, Customer Support Manager

90% of Officevibe users are happy with their direct manager’s level of transparency.

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