The Most Detailed And Robust HR Data

Segment Your Data

Combine your Officevibe data with your Zenefits information to build the perfect employee profile.

Keep A Pulse On Your Team

Have a simple way to maintain a consistent pulse on your team and understand exactly how to make them happier.

Maintain Your Culture

As your company grows, it becomes harder to keep your culture intact. Use Officevibe and Zenefits to maintain your culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zenefits Integration FAQ

What is Zenefits?

Zenefits is the easiest way to handle HR administration for your employees. It makes it easy to offer employees benefits and manage their profiles.

Why should I use the Zenefits integration?

Imagine combining the precision of your Zenefits data with engagement data from Officevibe. You’d have incredibly rich HR data to work with.

How do I add this to my Zenefits account?

Whoever is the administrator of your Zenefits account can add the integration in a couple of seconds.